Jumpstarting the Bozak Brand

In order to grow awareness, capture audience and increase sales, Bozak must focus on defining its brand and creating marketing materials to communicate it.


Company Background

Bozak, launched in 2019, is a brand created for men with balls.  Bozak’s current product portfolio consists of menthol-forward body powder in Original and Lite versions.  The future portfolio will consist of adjacent men’s grooming and hygiene products plus additional formulations of their original powders (cream, spray, extra strength). While Bozak is still in its infancy, it is ready to accelerate growth and start to build a brand that garners advocates and repeat purchases. Bozak engaged Current Forward to help define what content should be created in order to drive business and brand results.

Business Objectives

  • Increase sales from 50-70 units per day to 3k-5k units per day with the goal of ultimately selling the brand to a large CPG company like Unilever or P&G

  • Capture share from competitors and grow preference amongst 15-25 YO Men with balls

Brand Challenges

  • The space is extremely saturated yet most men are still using or only aware of legacy brands like Gold Bond and J&J Baby Powder

  • Only 60% of men have ever heard of Ball Powder and 34% currently use ball powder

  • Bozak’s marketing budget is limited relative to business growth goals and competition (eg Gold Bond, Chassis and Manscaped); dollars need to work smarter, not harder

Marketing Objectives

  • Build a brand that drives differentiation in the category and creates momentum for future product launches

  • Convince current ball powder users that Bozak is the brand for them

  •  Educate men who have heard of ball powder, but don’t currently use it, on the benefits of ball powder (with Bozak at the forefront)

Opportunity for Bozak

The overall category is growing and there is no modern product/brand that has solidified themselves as the leader in the space. The time is ripe to quickly capture hearts and minds and create a loyal following.

Bozak Design Target

  • 15-to-30-year-old men with balls (Gen Z and Younger Millennials)

  • Driven, resilient and confident tastemakers who are proud of their balls and themselves

  • Currently aware of, have tried, or actively use ball powder

  • Part of an active community or profession (e.g., CrossFit, sports team, day job requires physical labor or time outdoors, etc.)  

  • Passions include attending music festivals, BMXing or skateboarding, working out, playing video games, watching sports

Consumer Observations

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

  • For those who have heard of ball powder but haven’t tried it, it’s because they think it's superfluous to their routine, it seems messy or they’re embarrassed that it admits they have a hygiene problem.

  • Men think that ball powder is for heavy sweaters - overweight men, manual laborers and athletes. Not for all men and on all days.

  • Most guys want a minimal routine in the morning and introduction of another daily ritual is met with a need for a firm use case(s). More commonly, ball powder is used on a less than daily basis to support period of high activity (e.g. working at a music festival). 

  • Ball powder is not used in association with the promise of sex (77% of those aware of ball powder agree). Some worry about the powder turning into a mush over the course of a really hot day and most would want to wash the ball powder off before secual activity.

  • Warmer weather is a significant trigger for increasing use of ball powder.

  • If already a ball powder user, men fall into one of two camps: habitual users (smaller group) or activity-specific users.

Cultural Observations

  • Masculinity in 2019 is about standing behind individual preference, displaying compassion, and investing in self care While still portraying some of the classic definitions of masculinity. It's actively changing and evolving to be more of the former.

  • What once was taboo and TMI, is no longer off the table - men are very comfortable talking about their balls.

  • Self care has shifted to proactive maintenance.

  • Men are increasingly likely to purchase their own self care products.

Competitive Observations

Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

  • Men are most likely to hear about ball powder for the first time from their close friends, family or teammates. 60% of men would use ball powder if recommended by a friend. Gold Bond has the highest unaided awareness in the category.

  • Surveyed respondents who are aware of ball powder gravitated towards more science-backed and comfort-centric competitors. Competitors that leaned too far into pure masculinity did not resonate as well.

  • Most are not aware of Talc as a potentially dangerous ingredient. 

  • For those who sampled Bozak, all agreed it was intense, and some opted for the light version after trying the original. In certain cases, this helped convince them it was a good product that could stand up to Gold Bond. 

  • Application of the product itself, how messy/easy it is to apply, what is left on the floor, how user friendly the bottle is,  are all important factors that determine continued use of the product. 

Guiding Brand Insight

Men love to talk about their balls, they are a source of pride and excitement. But ball hygiene is not normalized. When it comes to ball powder, the perception is that it’s for men with problems, not for everyone.

Brand Idea

Bozak helps men get comfortable with their balls.

Reasons to Believe

  • Cooling: Invigorating tingle - like first cup of coffee in the morning

  • Comfort: Increased comfort pertaining to friction and sweat

  • Confidence: A moment just for them that feels empowering and a little rebellious

Brand Positioning Framework

​What we offer

  • Product superiority

  • Tingling effect

  • Talc-free

  • Enhanced dryness

  • Chafing, itching and odor reduction

Why it matters

  • Comfort

  • Confidence

  • Something for me

How it feels

  • Freeing (not holding back)

  • Promotes a long, healthy life

  • Equality across men from all walks of life

  • Genuine

  • Rebellious

Marketing Strategy

Allow competitors to do the hard work of growing awareness of the category, and actively steal share from the competition through an increased emphasis on strategic paid advertising investment (across Search, Social, Digital Video/Display, Amazon).


Leverage owned channels to communicate product superiority and build a lifestyle around the Bozak brand (.com, CRM, Social).


Fend off future competitive threats by creating a superior customer experience, building loyalty, and incentivizing evangelism (Community sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing, Influencer programs, eComm on Bozak.com, CRM).

Content Strategy

Create advertising and website assets to address the following opportunities across the customer decision journey:


He’s using a competitive ball powder and runs out. He’s about to re-up.

What to Create

Paid Social Assets (Instagram, YouTube), Paid Search Copy/Keyword Strategy and Website Assets (Visuals and Copy) and Blog Content that position Bozak as superior to the competition from both a product and brand personality perspective

  • Note that with increased media budget, we would recommend creating similar assets for YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Reddit and Programmatic Digital Video/Display.


He’s participating in group activities (eg. sports, tailgating, working outdoors) and talking to his peers.

What to Create

Paid Social Assets (Instagram, YouTube), Event Activation Strategy and an Influencer Strategy that conveys Bozak as a brand relied upon by his community and gives him something to talk about.

  • Note that this would be made more impactful by a referral program living within Bozak’s owned (future) e-comm environment or a ‘try before you buy’ sample pack for him and a friend.


He’s interested in Bozak but wants to learn more.

What to Create

Paid Social Assets (retargeting via Instagram or YouTube), Paid Search Copy/Keyword Strategy and Website Assets (Visuals and Copy) that bring to life the 3 core RTBs. 

  • Note that these assets are meant to be one step down-funnel from the assets listed in #1 above.


When he’s using Bozak for the first time.

What to Create

Product Packaging (Copy), Insert (Visuals, Copy) and Website Assets (Copy & Diagrams) that clearly communicates how to apply Bozak, what to expect from the effect of menthol, and additional use cases for using the powder.

  • Note that these assets can be repurposed for post-purchase CRM efforts

Additional opportunities (to be addressed in the next 6-12 months):

  • When temperatures are rising and use of body/ball powder is accelerating, increase media spend against contextually relevant paid ads.

  • When he’s first learning about ball powder and wondering if it’s for him, educate him on why Bozak is superior and invite him to try Bozak.

  • When he’s unaware of ball powder and doesn’t realize that it could improve his lifestyle, educate him on the plethora of benefits that ball powder provides and invite him to try Bozak.

Getting Comfortable with Your Balls

Getting comfortable with your balls goes beyond physical comfort. It’s an articulation of modern masculinity and being comfortable with who you are as a man. It's about owning the decisions you make, including taking care of yourself. 

Voice & Tone

  • Empowering: All a man truly owns is his balls and his word. The Bozak brand supports men taking charge of not just their grooming habits, but also their destinies.

  • Witty: Balls are inherently funny. Humor is ok, but for Bozak, it’s not slapstick or sophomoric. The comedy associated with the brand should be sophisticated and intelligent.

  • Rebellious: Bozak challenges the status quo. The brand is about telling both big-name drugstore brands and the discomfort that comes from simply having balls and sweating like a human to shove it.

  • Unapologetic: The sweat and stink and chafing that men experience is just a fact of life. The Bozak brand doesn’t try to cover that up. The brand tells it like it is. Men can and should take care of themselves and their balls. It makes life better.

  • Inclusive: Bozak is for men from all walks of life. There is no boys’ club or status required to reap the benefits Bozak provides. 

  • Masculine: The product is for men and should speak to men, but being masculine encompasses the male experience beyond bro tropes and chauvinist stereotypes. 


When referencing anatomy, we use: Balls and Sack. We are straightforward and don’t beat around the bush. On occasion we will use terms like Below The Belt, Package, Grundle and Swamp Ass.

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