We rigged up an old-school, foolproof landline phone number that you can call almost any time of day and talk to a strategy leader with more than 10 years experience.

Strategists On Demand

We’ll match your need to the person from our team best equipped to support you. Whether that’s for brainstorming, coaching you through a particular strategy activity, directing you to resources or people to talk to, or telling you what we know about a category or vertical, you’ll have dedicated time to talk something through. Unlike a session with your therapist, our combined decades of strategy experience create an efficiency for you (and your team!) in being able to offer shortcuts or approaches to solving the problem that have been put to the test.


This hotline is for you if:

  • You’re a strategy department of one (or it feels like you are).

  • You’re a marketer without the budget to support a traditional agency relationship. Or maybe you don’t have access to insights tools and need to know where to start.

  • You’re tasked with pulling rabbits out of hats (and often). We’ve supported pitches, new client on-boarding and helping teams think about how to best staff a piece of business.

  • You need someone to bounce ideas off of. Maybe you’re the type of person who likes to talk things through with someone to help crystalize your ideas (we get that).

  • You want a mentor! And want access to “pick the brain” of our co-founders for personal and professional growth. Maybe you’re thinking of starting a side hustle and know how valuable planning is to that process.

  • You’re not getting the direction or support you need from your leadership (we won’t tell!).

  • You want an outside perspective on your work to pressure test an idea or concept in a safe space.

How It Works

Package I
(25 credits)

Equivalent to 13 hours
Expires in 6 months

Best for:
Coaching and
consultative calls

​Cost per credit:

Package II
(40 credits)

Equivalent to 20 hours
Expires in 6 months

Best for:
Ad-hoc strategy support and subject matter expertise

​Cost per credit:

Package III
(120 credits)

Equivalent to 60 hours
Credits don't expire

Best for:
Research guidance, POV formulation, staff augmentation

​Cost per credit:

It’s pretty simple, actually. We have 3 different packages of "credits" available for purchase below. The credits correspond with a certain number of hours and rates on our back end. Once you purchase your package below, you'll be sent right to our scheduling page within Acuity. Bookmark it and come back to it every time you need to book a session until you max out the number of hours in your package.

Get Support With:

Strategic Initiatives

Brand positioning

Marketing and advertising

Comms and channel planning

Campaign planning

Product and service launches

Trends and cultural insights

Personas and journeys

Human-Centered Design

UX research

Facilitation and moderation

Coaching and training

Workshop planning

Internal or partner culture

Diversity, equity, inclusion

Qualitative research methods

Vertical Expertise



Health & wellness

Insurance / insurtech

B2B tech and logistics


Financial services / fintech

QSR and fast casual




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