Insights Hunting

At Current Forward, insights are perspective on human behavior and motivations. They represent a relational nuance with a product or category, unearthed through first hand conversation or aggregated observation. Insights power creative thinking, and uncovering them is part art and science. 

What is Insight Hunting?

Our process of unearthing creative inspiration that drives creative teams and delivers a deeper understanding of customer behavior. Research expertise, data synthesis, and pattern recognition come together to deliver actionable creative opportunities that drive value. 

Who needs it.  

New business teams facing quick turn pitches. In-house team developing a new creative platform for a campaign or digital platform. We've got you covered. Our insights hunting practice can open new creative doorways.  


Qualitative Insights

Developed through desk research, scrappy customer interviews, and secondary research tools.

(3) brief-ready insights delivered with: ​

  • Social listening output 

  • Qualitative customer research via informal focus groups

  • Secondary research synthesis


Quantitative Insights

Fully vetted creative platforms developed with scaled research and data inputs. 

(3) creative platforms delivered with: 

  • Social listening output & synthesis

  • Quantitative customer validation via 3rd party platforms

  • Internal customer data synthesis (if provided)


If you need help with briefing teams here's what we offer:

  • Traditional paper briefings that deliver the texture of findings live. 

  • Immersive briefings delivered through multi-sensory methods. 

How it works

Happy Clients


Assessment & Intake

We'll start by understanding what you need and how we’ll get there. In general we need to know three things: Your target, your goal, your available data. Don’t worry if you don’t have any existing customer data! Only include it if you want it included.. 


Hunting & Gathering

Based on your focus, budget and timeline, we start hunting and gathering. We'll initiate social listening monitors, setup customer focus groups, alongside other crafty methods of collecting customer intel. Our 'gathering' phase brings together all methodologies to develop insights based on patterned customer behavior and motivations.  

Briefing & Delivery

We operate behind the scenes, or deliver insights to your team live. If timing is tight we'll deliver presentation-ready slides in your style. If you need help bringing the insights to life, we'll be ready with a brief. We also offer immersive presentations that develop a rich picture of insights through multi-sensory methods like audio, video, and scent. 

An international pharmaceutical firm...

A Fortune 500 SAAS company...

A national mountain biking company came to us to help them better understand their customer and how to activate

Sound fun? Let's chat.


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