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Diversity is not just an operational problem or creative mandatory. Inclusion is inherent to the strategy process.


In June 2019 we rallied some of the best and brightest agency planners, strategists, and brand marketers to discuss how we can combat biases that hold us back in research, briefing and the creative process.


This workbook, created in partnership with , is designed to help people ask better questions leading to more empathetic, inclusive briefs, research and creative work in the world of marketing.


While we acknowledge our workbook won’t solve all the problems, it is a move in the right direction. Our goal is to help inspire and equip our community with tools you can use to break down barriers and be more inclusive in your own work. The simple act of reading this and going through the exercises is a great first step toward ushering in more diversity and equity. Props to you for that.



Note: We are offering our workbook as pay-what-you-want. We believe resources like this should be accessible to all who are passionate about change. Anything you do pay for it will help us to continue producing events and resources like this in the future.

Bias in the Brief Workbook