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Putting people and culture at the center of your work, our services deliver guidance and recommendations for your marketing and business decisions.

Brand Strategy

A brand’s north star is a living, breathing, ever-evolving beacon that guides decision making and defines success. As your brand moves toward scaling, pivoting or growing, we can help you uncover opportunities to enhance its relevance in people’s lives.

Brand Positioning

Campaign Strategy

Industry Reports

Communications Planning

Internal Process Consulting

Culture Reports

Persona Development

Journey Mapping

Trend Identification

Brand Strategy

Need a strategist on demand?

Qualitative Research

Gain a deeper understanding of the motivations and opinions of people who engage with your brand. Qualitative research provides more context and relevance to audience intelligence than relying on quantitative data alone. Current Forward provides group and in-depth interview moderation, human-centered design research and many nontraditional methods to help you answer not just what people want, but also why they want it.

Qualitative Research

Workshop Facilitation

Accelerate alignment, generate new ideas, enhance collaboration and more with a facilitated workshop. As an impartial third party with decades of combined workshop experience , we can guide your co-creation and help build consensus in organizations large and small.

Workshop Facilitation

Tap our network.

We don’t do design work or make social posts. But we collaborate with a lot of talented people who do, and our work informs their process. We can help curate the right team for your needs.

Let's work together.

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