Workshop Planning & Facilitation

Boost team collaboration and chart a path forward through curated and purposeful workshops designed to drive action.

Why Workshops?

Teams are more remote than ever, planning cycles are shortening and marketing is becoming increasingly fragmented. Work sessions and workshops are tools that can effectively solve for the resulting knowledge gaps and lack of alignment - as long as they’re crafted to deliver on business needs and ensure a plan of action.

Our Approach

At Current Forward, we make insights actionable and believe that fun is an important aspect of our work. Our workshop approach is no different. We plan, facilitate and synthesize workshops that get you out of the planning cycle and into a mode of action and implementation. Plus, we aim to get you out of the conference room and into an environment that will inspire.


2020 Planning
Prioritize initiatives, resources and investments in order to get all teams moving in the same direction and working towards your business and brand goals.

Campaign or Product Launch

Co-create a customer journey and overlay it with planned marketing efforts to identify areas of opportunity or overlap.

Design Sprint

Define the vision for a new product, service or experience through hands-on design thinking exercises.


In order to prioritize innovation investments across their business, a national retailer brought us in to lead five team-specific work sessions and one cross-team workshop. The output of this multi-phase, consensus-building effort was a product roadmap. 

For a new-to-market men’s grooming brand looking to expand their cultural horizons, we facilitated a full-day brand positioning workshop at an artist’s studio in LA. The output was a solidification of the brand, a marketing strategy and a content brief.

When a health tech company was pivoting from B2B to B2C, we conducted 3-day brand planning offsite complete with regenerative fitness sessions, nutrition coaching and cooking lessons that exposed them to new vertical opportunities.



We'll conduct a discovery session to learn about your needs and goals. 

Research & Plan

Based on your business focus, budget and timeline, we conduct research that guides the workshop and create a plan down to the minute to guarantee maximum productivity.


Our accredited team of workshop facilitators runs each session with precision while adapting in real time to the energy and focus in the room.

Action Plan

Following the work session, you will receive a workshop synthesis and co-created action plan for your team to follow.

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