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Current Forward is a research and insights consultancy hellbent on helping brands find fresh ways to be relevant.

Who we work with

Designed to help brands scale, pivot and expand, we bring fresh perspective and guidance to help you successfully navigate change and new initiatives. Uncomplicate the complicated with clear, research-based recommendations.


Be more strategic about how you take your brand to the next level.


Get smart about upcoming shifts and changes in your approach.


Find new ways to support continued innovation and growth.

Meet the founders


Lillian Brown

Having led consumer profiling and communications planning , Lillian excels at creating consumer-first strategies that deliver breakthrough results. Her extensive experience in designing and leading strategic research initiatives has guided cross-functional teams to create outstanding brand and product experiences for brands like American Express, LVMH, Hasbro and Samsung.


Ashley Lapin

As a qualitative research and consumer insights expert, Ashley thrives on bringing the voice of the consumer to life. She's passionate about finding the story in the data and turning it into actionable strategies for brand and product teams. Throughout her career, she's developed award-winning work rooted in human truths for brands like Allstate, Hallmark, BNY Mellon and ESPN.

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