Annual Planning

Set your team and your brand up for success in the coming year with a more efficient and engaging annual planning process. 

Optimize your 2021 annual planning process.

Streamlining PepsiCo's Annual Planning

PepsiCo’s annual planning needed a ground-up reboot that better integrated cultural trends and brand goals and delivered a more efficient and engaging process. The brand teams were tasked with creating soup-to-nuts 2021 marketing plans and big bets for Pepsi, Mountain Dew, LIFEWTR, bubly and Rockstar in the Western United States. By distilling a sea of trends and facilitating a process built for COVID-driven chaos, we helped the teams successfully create flexible brand plans designed to set the business up for success in the coming year.

Trend Development & Research Synthesis

Framing up the landscape for brand teams through cultural trends, brand goals, and consumer research. Each brand team received their own welcome packet tailored to their market and respective brand challenges and global trends needed to understand the landscape moving into 2021.