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Data Dinners

Bring together a group from your target audience in a comfortable, intimate setting and observe their shared needs, desires and experiences with your brand.


Get feedback about your brand from real people, not full-time focus groupers.

What's a Data Dinner?

The data dinner brings together a curated group of your current or prospective customers to collaborate and share their needs, desires, and experiences with your brand. In a relaxed setting, we get the opportunity to hear their open feedback about what’s working for them (and what isn’t), and brainstorm potential solutions, product innovations, and new communications ideas together.

Why Host a Data Dinner?


Comfort levels go up and the walls come down. The awkwardness of coming to the sterile and clinical setting of an office or a testing facility goes away. People give more thoughtful and authentic answers to your questions when the pressure of performance is removed.


The social dynamic allows for interaction and the building on of ideas. Follow-up questions and discussion prompts flow organically.


Human connection. You can see body language and note tone. You can learn more about their context - what else do they like to do? Who are they? It’s personas made real.

What Works Best at Data Dinners?

  • Understanding user or customer pain points. 

  • Learning more about the day-to-day experience of a particular audience segment.

  • Testing or reviewing a new product.

  • Brainstorming new product use cases, business service lines, or ways of communicating the brand’s value.


What's Included?

  • An intake session to understand your needs and priorities.

  • An evening with your target audience answering questions about your product and brand.  All planning and production will be done by Current Forward with as much or as little involvement as you want along the way.

  • High resolution photos from the dinner experience. 

  • Images of people interacting with your brand and each other.

  • A presentation-ready report that recaps the evening and synthesizes the findings of the research.

  • A list of the top opportunities organized from short-term to long-term and based on your outlined needs and priorities.

Our Process


Recruit dinner guests from your target audience.


Identify a venue and plan a meal experience that will best suit the theme of your Data Dinner.


Develop a discussion guide and activities designed to uncover insights and get deep and authentic answers to your questions.


Host the dinner and gather data. 


Synthesize findings, identifying key patterns and insights


Present the final report to your team and share top opportunities for the brand and business.


Want to ask your group more questions after the dinner? We can set up a Slack or WhatsApp community to help you get quick answers to outstanding questions.

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