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Digital Diary

Gain an in-depth understanding of your target audience's mindset over a period of time. 


Gain a deep understanding of your audience over time.

What's a Digital Diary?

Over the course of many weeks, hand-selected respondents are prompted to answer questions and record their thoughts, feelings and activities in a journal. This qualitative approach provides a level of depth and understanding not typically achieved with more often used focus groups and interviews. Conducting a study over a longer period of time gives rise to new perspectives on the driving forces behind the decisions consumers are making.

How It Works

  • Digital Diary to be completed and tracked for each participant over the course of (2) weeks. 

  • Diary includes: 

    • General behavioral prompts at regular intervals

    • Category/Product-specific questions when activity occurs

  • Diary is digitally delivered to each participant and completed independently at predetermined checkpoints.  

  • Total of 10 participants. Five in wave 1, then five more in wave 2. This allows for rolling optimizations. 

  • A mix of customers and prospects throughout the US.

What It Looks Like

What You'll Get

  • An intake session to talk about key areas of need.

  • Diary research design & execution.

  • Prep call with participants to discuss approach. 

  • Moderation of diary studies for all participants, including optimizations following Wave 1. 

  • A brief-ready report that recaps the study and synthesizes findings of the research to be used in new product/service ideation and marketing. 

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