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Immersive Workshops

Get out of the conference room and into set of curated experiences designed to activate deeper learning, creativity and understanding.

Enhance your next project with a customized immersive workshop.

Transitioning Zura Health from B2B to B2C.

Current Forward helped Zura Health, a B2B company that provided organizations with digitally enabled wellness coaching resources, discover the best way to enter the B2C space.

The Ask

Struggling to gain traction with their holistic program rather than one-off services, Zura Health wanted to change the way they were doing business. Increased demand for their offerings from individuals over employer groups and insurance providers bolstered their need for help with positioning their company for a successful pivot to a B2C market.

The Approach

In order to set the stage for a successful B2C pivot, Current Forward began by defining a core vision and foundation for the brand that would resonate with legacy and future audiences. The process started with a landscape audit to understand and identify opportunities among competitors and consumers. We then facilitated a three-day immersive workshop to build alignment among the founders, prioritize their current and future efforts and identify foundational elements of the brand that would resonate across audience groups.


Work sessions held at Pantai Inn.

A beachfront property in La Jolla, Pantai Inn provided a health-focused inspiring space to work and collaborate. Work session activities included:

  • Reviewing and discussing the landscape audit

  • Conducting a current state assessment to identify what’s working and what’s not

  • Defining target audiences, personas and journeys

  • Creating a product roadmap

  • Nutrition deep dive with Chef Summer.

Current_Forward_Zura_Health_0004_Chef Su

Nutrition deep dive with Chef Summer.

Because Zura Health is focused on holistic health and wellness, one of the pillars of their consumer-facing program is nutrition. Chef Summer does healthy meal prep and deliveries and in bringing her in to the workshop, we were able to get her perspective on how she manages her business.


Focus on fitness with Goldie Yoga.

Not only is movement key enhancing creativity, but it’s also another pillar of Zura Health’s approach to holistic health. Goldie Graham of Goldie Yoga led a class and provided insight into how she manages and markets her digital fitness content.

Current_Forward_Zura_Health_0002_False I

Reflecting on the importance of brand at False Idol.

To reinforce the impact of a memorable brand experience, we went to False Idol, a tiki bar that simulates a thunderstorm every time someone orders one of their signature drinks. The whole room gets dark and shakes. There’s even lightening. It inspired conversations about how brands can make a lasting impression with customers.


Community fitness knowledge drop with Brogram Graham.

Founder of the fitness movement November Project, Brogram Graham, led us on a jog to a private beach where we discussed how authenticity and community are built into the DNA of brands. He shared his approach to innovating in the health and fitness space, and also taught us how to give the perfect high five.

The Results

The work sessions and educational excursions helped Zura Health define a core vision and roadmap for shifting to a B2C brand. They also uncovered additional growth opportunities, including a wellness coach certification program and a ready-to-go SaaS product that can be whitelabeled to any type of wellness coaching. Zura Health has since grown their B2C offering, launched a wellness coach training program and are in talks with their first partner to test drive their SaaS product.

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