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Remote Research

From online focus groups to in-depth interviews, remote research techniques are fast, cost effective and socially distant.

Stay one step ahead of consumers' rapidly changing lives.

Customer Centricity

At the heart of a customer-centric marketing approach is a deep understanding of how consumers experience your brand, interact with the category and respond to ever-changing cultural forces. Primary consumer research shines a light on how your potential customers think, feel and act so you can better position your brand to be a relevant and meaningful part of their lives.

​While you may be most familiar with in-person focus groups and live ethnographic studies, digitally optimized methods provide equally reliable results, often with cost and time savings. Remote research is also the answer to learning about your target audience while maintaining social distancing measures. 

Get More Than a Research Report

Whether we’re conducting In-depth interviews with mountain bikers in the Pacific NorthWest or online focus groups with home buyers around the globe, Current Forward’s value lies in bridging the gap from research into strategy. Our thinking turns the corner from an output of findings to actionable opportunities unearthed from our conversations with customers. 


Time &
Cost Effective

Online solutions often provide time and cost savings when compared to more traditional qualitative research methods. By eliminating the time and investment required to travel to multiple markets to conduct focus groups or interviews, remote research can help you maximize your budget and timeline. Digital formats also easily accommodate stakeholder participation with access to live sessions or recordings, creating further efficiencies.


With agency partner Camp + King, we architected fully remote customer focus groups in two countries. The research informed the creative brief for an upcoming tv campaign for the international real estate company.


In collaboration with Emergent Order, we conducted in-depth interviews with small and large business owners in industries well suited to hire people with criminal records. The interview findings became part of the strategic foundation for a criminal justice reform campaign.


For a new-to-market men’s grooming brand that wanted a better defined target market, we conducted fully remote in-depth customer interviews that guided brand positioning and audience understanding.


When growing bike tire insert brand CushCore needed to scale, we interviewed mountain bikers across the country to uncover insights that became the basis for the company’s revamped brand positioning and messaging platform.

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