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Trend Capsule

Decks don’t always do insights justice. Trend capsules are an immersive and interactive way to learn about the cultural forces impacting your audience and brand.


Enhance your next project with a customized trend capsule.

Modern Masculinity

What does it mean to be a man in 2019? And how does that impact the way they receive messages from brands? With increased media coverage of gender fluidity topics, we wanted to know how the definition of masculinity is changing and why the pace was quickening. We set out to explore what cultural forces were driving this shift and how brands were responding.

What We Evaluated

Audience Interviews
& Social Listening

What evolving human
behavior looks like.

Cultural &
Societal Trends

What key influencers of evolving behavior are.

Emerging & Incumbent Brand Positioning

What new products and marketing tactics are addressing the shift.

What We Learned

The definition of masculinity is evolving. It’s no longer narrowly defined by physical strength or financial prowess. Modern masculinity is defined by individual preference, displaying compassion, investing in health and wellness, and physical and emotional health.

Cultural candor is emerging and consumers are embracing a greater sense of openness.

Topics traditionally thought of as taboo (periods, ED, PE etc.) for all types of genders, are now up for discussion in the public sphere.

As a result, we’re open to purchasing products that proudly address challenges previously only whispered about behind closed doors, effectively decoupling the issue from the identity of the person.

“For me, masculinity is about being able to express vulnerability and emotion — no longer having to be the strong silent type.”

- Andrew H., Brooklyn


From ...

... To

  • Proactive

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Physical confidence & personal style

  • Emotional & mental health

  • Purchasing decisions driven by first-hand preference

  • Reactive

  • Shave and a haircut mentality

  • Physical comfort

  • Athletic performance

  • Purchasing decisions driven by significant others in traditional heterosexual relationships

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