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Insights that fuel resonant brands, products and experiences.

Custom qualitative research

Primary qualitative research shines a light on how your potential customers think, feel and act so you can better position your brand and products to be a relevant and meaningful part of their lives.

Digital ethnographies

Remotely observe what participants are thinking, feeling and doing in the context of their everyday lives.


Participating alongside people as they shop, play a game or use a digital product.

In-depth interviews

Moderated Q&A sessions with individuals, dyads or focus groups to understand their mindset.

Concept & product testing

Gauging reactions to and perceptions of new concepts or existing products.

Co-creation sessions

Enhancing innovation with moderated ideation sessions with current and potential customers.

Moderated usability testing

Guided sessions designed to test a product experience through a series of tasks.

Digital diaries

Using multi-media input, consumers self-report their experiences, activities and behaviors over time.

Actionable, insight-driven strategy

After unearthing opportunities from consumer research, we develop clear, actionable strategies and recommendations to support smarter decision making for you and your organization.

Consumer journeys

Visualizing your audiences’ thoughts, feelings, actions, and needs throughout the customer lifecycle.

Audience personas

A snapshot of a group of users or consumers who share similar needs and characteristics.

Roadmap development

Ranking and organizing features and functionality based on customer value and organizational needs.

Brand & product positioning

An articulation of how a brand or product should be perceived by a target audience.

Brand architecture

A strategic and hierarchical organization of an organizations brands, products and services.

CX, UX & competitive audits

Evaluating customer experiences, digital product experience or competitive offerings to identify gaps.

Unforgettable artifacts

We deliver unforgettable artifacts that immerse teams in insights, helping them use all their senses to gain a shared understanding of your audience.


Audio & video

See your consumers brought to life through the power of film and audio. This brings an additional layer of insight into their attitudes and feelings. 

Trend capsules

This collection of memorable physical items represent a trend or concept, allowing teams to experience the information with all five senses. 


Interactive reports

Web-based presentations are dynamic and engaging, helping cross-functional teams immerse themselves in the data and integrate it into their solutions.

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