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Good Vibes Only Might Be Within Reach

Subharmonic frequencies. Never heard of ‘em? Yeah, us either. Until recently. And we gladly and willingly took the dive into this rabbit hole.

Let’s start with the basics. Your body emits a frequency. Right now, you’re spewing that frequency all over the place. It’s your body’s electromagnetic current. Your energy. Your literal vibes. So when you pass someone on the street and get the overwhelming feeling that that particular human is a serial killer, it’s probably because her body is emitting a serial killer frequency into the universe.

Now, there’s not a scientifically defined serial killer frequency. (What are we waiting for? Get some scientists on this already.) But, there has been seemingly legitimate work done on defining specific frequencies the body emits. Researcher Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology found that the healthy human body has a frequency between 62 and 68 Hz during the day. There was no mention of what it is at night in this article, or the many, many pages with almost identical content often found on sites with names like Galactic Connection.

The theory is that higher frequencies are better than lower ones. Genius brains have higher frequencies than regular brains. Fresh foods have higher frequencies than canned foods. And healthy bodies have higher frequencies than diseased bodies, and that’s where we turn the corner to the belief that exposing your body to different frequencies can help improve your physical and mental health.

Enter Body Vibes stickers. This product promises to raise your body’s vibes one sticker at a time and references technology from a EnergicX, which offers the same rhetoric we found again and again across the web. Each sticker is “programmed” with specific subharmonic frequencies intended to raise your body’s frequency. Now, this is the first time there’s been specific mention of subharmonic frequencies, so let’s dive a little deeper into what those are.

Subharmonic frequencies take us to the world of music, which has some deeply complicated explanations. Simply put, these are sounds that emit specific frequencies that are thought to positively influence health. Specifically, there are the Solfeggio frequencies that claim unique healing powers. You’ve likely heard these in one form or another during a massage, or maybe even a yoga class. Dating back to medieval hymns and Gregorian chants, there are nine that the spiritual healing community seem to focus on; however, there are many more. The Body Vibes stickers are programmed (how? we still don’t know) with six of these frequencies.

Whether or not you buy into what these woo-peddlers are selling, there’s no denying a captive audience with a sizeable interest in alternative healing and improving health exists and is hungry for the next big thing. Stickers that lead to good vibes might not ever go mainstream, but they have been picked up by popular publications like goop and are being sold in Nordstrom.

If you’re interested in testing the effect Solfeggio frequencies have on your body without dropping some dough, just search YouTube. This video, with nearly two million views, has the major nine ready to go for you. We’ve got each frequency broken out with its special powers for you here:

  • 174 Hz — A natural anesthetic that can help reduce physical and spiritual pain

  • 285 Hz — Rejuvenates and energizes you, healing your body tissue

  • 396 Hz — Releases feelings of guilt and fear

  • 417 Hz — Facilitates change and cleanses destructive influences from your past

  • 528 Hz — Transforms your DNA to its original state and helps you be your best self

  • 639 Hz — Balances your relationships and how you communicate with your environment

  • 741 Hz — Eliminates toxins and solves problems found in nature

  • 852 Hz — Raises your awareness and awakens your intuition

  • 963 Hz — Reconnects you with your spirit and helps you experience your one, true nature

You can find all kinds of Solfeggio frequencies, including the Miracle Tone(2675 Hz), available for free. We couldn’t resist giving the stickers a try, too. No matter what your comfort level with alternative therapies is, we encourage exploring and experimenting. Happy hunting and healing.

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